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March-October: Complete Domination for Red Sox Nation

Zero championships in 86 years. The definition of a drought.

Four championships in 15 seasons. Talk about making it rain!

2004 was a miracle. 2007 was icing on the 04 cake. 2013 wasn’t supposed to happen.

2018 was utter domination of the sport.

Folks in New York must be perpetually nauseous these days.

Consider this: The Red Sox are 16-3 in World Series games since 2004.

And they were unchallenged this year at 4-1.

In fact they plowed through other playoff teams like Norm Peterson downs beers at Cheers.

Cora's Crew went 7-2 vs. not one but two one hundred win teams in the American League. They outscored their postseason opponents 84-51.

The Dodgers presented almost no opposition.

Sox in 5.

Who could have predicted the story lines?

Mookie. Bogey. Both left their bats in Houston. Didn’t matter.

Why? Because Steve Pearce crushed home run after home run.

He was the MVP. Nathan Eovaldi could have been. Neither was on the team four months ago.

David Price deserved a red truck too. 3-1 in the playoffs after a lifetime of post season futility.

We stayed up late to watch an 18 inning game played in a mere 7 1/2 hours. The longest game in Series history. And it was the only one the Sox lost.

A Dodger fan tweet after that game said it best: "The Red Sox are amazing. It took us two games to beat them once."

Joe Kelly almost didn’t make the post season roster. Yet he was un hittable and struck out the side in the 8th inning of the clinching game.

Remember the Nunez huge pinch hit homer? Seems like weeks ago.

Sale yells at every member of the team before the rally in game four. It worked. LA was 54-0 this season when leading by four runs. Until Saturday night.

His pitching did the talking as he closed out game five.

119 wins. Second most by a World Series winning team. Ever.


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