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Fix HS Football Playoffs, bring on Schilling and mixed Weekend for The Black Bears

Fourth And Goal With The Bam

High school football playoffs are upon us and it highlights, negatively, the flawed process by which playoff teams are determined.

There just aren't enough teams in Maine to keep rewarding teams that , quite frankly , aren't successful in a given year. Teams with 0, 1 and 2 wins shouldn't be playoff teams.

A good start to resolving this is to eliminate the distinction between North and South within each class. Just have a statewide Class A-D. The most teams total in any class is 20. Take the top 8 from each and have 1 tournament. Winner take all. No regional championship, just 1 winner for each class.

All teams should be required to play all their games against teams in their own class. No padding the win total by playing down 2 classes against a team that isn't on the same level as you. ( yeah, I'm talking to you Belfast).

Those games should be reserved for a single , non countable pre season game in August. Find unique fundraising opportunities to help offset the cost of traveling to games if need be.

It is probably a sacrilege to suggest this , but if teams have long travel for a certain opponent, play those games on Saturday only and not Friday night.

The overall numbers for HS Football in Maine may be dwindling. The quality of playoff football doesn't have to suffer as a result. Find a better way to put the best 8 teams on the field come November.


I was excited to see that UMaine baseball and softball were getting 3 time World Champ Curt Shilling to headline their hotstove banquet this year. Anytime you can get a player of that caliber to come to your event, it's a home run. Pun intended.

I hope that people will buy tickets and support this great event, despite the attempts by some in the local media to disparage the University for having Mr. Shilling come because they want everything to be political. This will be a great event for both programs and for the fans of UMaine sports.


An up and down weekend for Black Bear sports. My esteemed Chowdah colleague Ryan McLaughlin has already covered the pitiful performance of the hockey team. Totally unacceptable on every level.

Football , however, came up big at home and got a good win that they should have gotten and needed after last week's debacle at William and Mary. Maine is in a good position to not only make the FCS playoffs, but win the Conference championship.

Here's hoping for a better overall weekend next week. The basketball teams are starting practices. The best time of the year for UMaine sports is upon us.

Go Blue!

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