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2018 Red Sox: Greatest New England Sports Season Evah?

I know. I know. I might be caught up in the moment.

But let’s look at this a bit.

The 2018 Red Sox won the most games in franchise history.

And it's a loooong history. They started 17-2 and stayed in first place much of the season ultimately winning the division.

In the playoffs, the Sox dismantled not one but two 100 plus win teams, beating some of the best pitchers in the game. Verlander. Kershaw. Severino.

In a true fall classic between historic franchises and two of the oldest stadiums in the game, Boston routed the Dodgers 4-1.

They have the league MVP. And could have had the Cy Young winner if Chris Sale had stayed healthy.

And another World Series Title.

It's a strong case for best season ever.

Other candidates include the 85-86 Celtics. 67 regular season wins. Only one loss at home.Top seed in the east and rolled to the title going 15-3 in playoffs.

2007 Patriots could win this easily if only…… Brady. Moss. 16-0. Eventually 18 wins, but they lost the last game of the season.

Left a sour taste in my mouth.

The 69-70 Boston Bruins racked up 99 regular season points and dominated with a 12-2 record in the playoffs en route to the Cup. 2011 Bruins season was just as good. 103 points. Won the Stanley Cup and eliminated the rival Canadians along the way.

So was this Sox campaign the best season for any new England team ever? Debate away.

But what we all just experienced is certainly in the discussion.

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