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Red Sox Make An Error by Excluding Schilling

In a season where the Sox have not made many mistakes on the field, the front office made a huge one before Game 2 against the Dodgers.

They screwed up big time when they honored the 2004 World Series team, but didn’t invite Curt Schilling. In baseball terms, that’s an error.

Both the Sox and Schilling say that the former Sox star pitcher was not invited to throw out a first pitch before game 2. Sox brass say it was not “ out of spite”

Wrong. WRONG! The left leaning ownership of the Sox wanted to distance themselves from the right wing rantings of Schilling.

Ownership flew in others like Kevin Millar and Alan Embree, but didn’t let Curt make the short drive up the highway from his home to Fenway. Embarrassing.

So #38 watched the ceremony, and the game at home, like the rest of us.

Schilling posted this on his Twitter page when asked if he received an invitation:

“Nope. No worries though, great to see @45PedroMartinez @davidortiz and @KMillar15 Oh and I get to keep my 3 rings and 3 trophies, so it's all good.”

No. It’s not all good.

Without Schill the Sox don’t come back in the 2004 ALCS against the Yankees and they don’t sweep the Cardinals.

Remember the bloody sock? He was a big time money pitcher for this ownership group.

Schill was 6-1 in the postseason in 04 and 07 title years.

He should have been on the field with his former teammates. End of story.

Look, can we all just agree that politics should stay the heck out of sports?

Sports are here for our entertainment. That’s it. They play a valuable role in society. An escape from the challenges of daily life. They shouldn’t be a forum for political rhetoric or stands.

ESPN hired a new president this summer. One of his first declarations was that the network, who loses tens of thousands of viewers monthly, would to do less politics.


I can’t tell you the number of New England sports media people I have unfollowed on social media because they post daily about politics.

On The Drive radio show, which I co host weekday afternoons on 92.9FM in Bangor, we never talk politics. Ever. No exceptions.

That’s the way it should be in the world of sports. Let’s play the games and enjoy the action.

And leave politics on the sidelines.

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