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Reflections on Hair Loss and Red Sox Wins

I remember the exact moment I first spied the back of my noggin as it is presently constituted. Me ‘n the Mrs. were in one of the girly clothing stores at the Bangor Mall, and while my wife was trying-on some girly-type clothes, I happened to be standing by a security TV screen.

In the middle of one of my yawns, I noticed a dude on the TV screen and remarked to myself: “Too bad-that dude has too much scalp showing on the back of his dome.”

Then I moved my head a bit, and the dude on the TV screen moved his head at the EXACT SAME TIME.

A bit of panic set-in as I moved my shiny sphere again, and wouldn’t you know it, the shiny sphere on the screen moved at the exact same time again. And then, of course, the full reality of my situation struck me: “That dude on the TV screen is….gulp…..ME! My once faithful and plentiful hair population is abandoning me!” (Side note: You can thank me for never turning around whilst delivering the weather forecast on TV to reveal my shiny side; surely the bright lights of the TV studio would have bounced off of my shiny dome, only to blind you, the viewer, at home. You’re welcome.)

You see, this all has to do with understanding one’s identity. In a matter of seconds my self-identity segued from “young buck with a full, vibrant crop of hair” to “middle-aged creaky guy who has a divot on the back of his head.” ‘Tis an awful thing to be confronted with the truth of one’s true identity at a moment’s notice.

Which leads me to my evolving identity of the current version of the Bosox. I have to admit-I think my identity of the Red Sox was off for most of the season. Sure, they were rolling to their best ever record, eclipsing the 100 win mark fairly handily. But still, I didn’t necessarily identify them as a team of grit.

Get them in Yankee Stadium for some meaningful games, and we’ll see what they’re really made of. Well, we can check that off the list. Bravo, Bosox! Your grit is showing.

But winning three in a row at Houston against the defending champs? That is impressive. And only Craig Kimbrel caused me to lose a little more hair.

Yep, my identity of the present version of the Sox is changing-maybe this actually is a team that can take it all in ’18. I like their chances against LA.

Sure hope I’m not seeing things wrong. And hey-could you pass me my 2013 Red Sox commemorative World Series hat? Top of my head is kinda chilly….

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