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How to Spend 1.6 Billion Dollars from The Lottery?

I am quite excited. I'm going to win 1.6 billion dollars Tuesday night!

Well, really only about 1 billion dollars after taxes.

But I think I will still be able to feed my kids. And do some shopping.

So, with a sports theme in mind, here's how I might spend some of my new wealth.

First, I thought about buying the Pats. But someone once said buy low, sell high. That's what Robert Kraft would be doing to me. So, no deal Bobby.

But what I will do is buy my own plane. Maybe one with 30 seats. I'll hire a couple of pilots so I can see my favorite teams play wherever and whenever I want. I can promise no more driving to Boston from Bangor.

There is a new company that is partnering with networks to offer many alternate streams featuring custom announcers. So for example if you want to watch the NFL on CBS but can't stand Tony Romo, you can see the same broadcast but with different announcers.

I'll pay for my own Sports Chowdah stream. Sometimes I'll do some play by play but most of the time I'll hire my own folks. Like maybe team up Amy Shumer and Chris Rock for a game. Even the NY Giants would be tolerable to watch with those two!

I'll buy twenty suite seats to every Red Sox game for local kids to be at the game. Children today just don't dig baseball like we did as kids. I want them to see Fenway and dream of playing there someday.

I'll give fifty million or so to the University of Maine to take football to the FBS level. I'm not saying Maine is the next Alabama. But wouldn't it be cool to play in the ACC and host a legit D-1 school for homecoming instead of Albany?

And I'll start to really pay all of my bloggers for the great work they do writing for the Sports Chowdah every week. It takes a small village to put this e mail together twice a week. I bet they will all take a Million bucks or so a year to keep doing it.

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