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What If Your Life Was Like That Of A Pro-Athlete?

Think about this: you are an aging teacher and you walk into school to teach one day and…..

Richard: “You wanted to see me Mr. King.”

Principal King: “Richard you’ve had a heck of a run here. But you're getting up there a little bit and you’re making a few mistakes these days. Like when you told the kids the Pilgrims came over in a Mayflower truck. So we are trading you to a Jr. high school for a young Phys Ed teacher and a lunch lady to be named later. Best of luck to ya.”

Wouldn’t it be very strange to work somewhere one day and somewhere else the next?

And you have no say in the decision. Could be a trade to a better school? Or one that is last in state testing every year. Either way you're stuck.

What if people could call school talk radio and gab about you?

Radio guy: “Who is on line one?”

Caller: “Carey in Bangor. First time caller. I think the Richard trade is unfair. We need the experience in our school. And we already have enough lunch room employees. I hate it. I’ll hang up and listen.”

Radio Guy: “Thanks for the call. Look. Richard is a pain in the butt behind the scenes. He calls for special meetings to get his way. He is a cancer in the classroom. We would have been lucky to get a substitute teacher for him.”

Twitter would fill with negativity.

“Trade Richard? What’s next? Summer school?” #principalisanidiot

“Richie says he can’t perform due to sore wrist too much dry erasing. And his allergies kick in around chalk dust. Give me a break. See ya Dick.” #tinglyfingers

Or what if during free agency Richard left on his own and took max money to teach for a rival school. Fans would burn the v-neck sweaters and trash their pocket protectors they bought to look like him when they went to school board meetings.

Friends meet on the street.

Jen: “Hear about Richard?” Signed across the river.

Scott: “Yup. Bout friggin’ time.”

Toby: “He was still teaching? I hadn’t heard much about him in four years.”

Don: “He is. Barely. He spoke at the school assembly but nobody was listening. Parents booed him off the stage and back to his seat.Won't miss him.”

And of course then thongs of media with microphones and cameras right after the assembly performance will ask dozens of questions.

“Ah, Richard, talk about what happened out there. Did you lose you script in the lights?” “Did the height of the microphone throw you off?” “Do you want to still teach at this school?”

It would be hard to be Richard. Some like you. Many hate you. It would be a different life for sure.

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