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Yup. A little tired this morning. Maybe a little black under my eyeballs. But that game was worth losing a few winks over. I hope you stayed up to see another great finish and a game winning drive by Tom Brady. You'll miss him when he's gone.

It went about like I expected to be honest. A few more points on the board than I would have guessed (I thought maybe 38-35) but I pretty much thought whomever had the ball last would win. And you know if TB 12 gets the ball last, good things will happen.

New England is one of five teams at 4-2. Four more are 3-3. The Chiefs are now 5-1. Only the Colts and Raiders are out of the AFC playoff race after week six. It seems like its going to be a tight race to the finish.

It certainly seems that the Pats offense is going to be fine. Coach Hoodie wants to run the ball a ton and set up the pass from there. Keep the big names healthy and the QB upright and all will be fine.

Did you know The Patriots finished with exactly 500 yards of total offense and didn’t punt once Sunday night? It's the fifth time in franchise history they went a full game without punting.

The "D" is in the lower third of the league in most stats. Perhaps they will get better? Or maybe it's another year of "bend but don't break." We'll see. I think they are pretty thin on talent on that side of the ball.

Off to Chicago Sunday at 1. At least we can get to bed on time that day.

Historically speaking, check out these facts. Un-freaking-believable.

  • Patriots have now played 12 games against a team with a better record since 2009. They have won all 12.

  • More impressive than 12-0: only 12 times over the past 150 games has the Patriots’ opponent had a better record.

  • Tom Brady is 54-0 vs the AFC at home in the regular season when the Patriots score 28 or more points. 76-3 when the Patriots score 21 or more points.

  • Patriots are 24-0 at home in the regular season vs under 25 year old QBs since 2001.

  • The Patriot have won 88 straight games when leading by 14+ points at the half.

  • Their last loss when leading by at least 2 TD's at halftime was Week 13, 1987 to the Broncos and the NFL’s Most Valuable Player that year- John Elway.

  • Tom Brady is the first quarterback in NFL history with 200 career regular season wins

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