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Fourth and Goal With The Bam!

From the "reap what you sow" department come the New York Giants. What a dumpster fire.

The Giants were garbage last season and that resulted in a very high draft pick. With four standout QB's available in the draft it is an absolute mystery to me why the Giants decided to continue to ride the overrated Eli for eternity and not get a QB of the future. They actually need one NOW!

The Giants brass seems to have missed the memo that the NFL is a QB driven league. Running backs, while nice, are vastly overrated. Just ask the Dallas Cowboys. They have a legitimate hall of fame candidate at running back and what has that gotten them in 3 seasons?

Bubkus. Zip. Nada.

The Giants thought drafting another superstar running back was the answer to cover for a total and utter lack of a quarterback.

The Cleveland Browns had won exactly 1 game in 2 seasons. They drafted one of those 4 QB's and already have 2 wins and are betting line favorites in many of their games going forward.

Giants fans should be furious. Even as they flounder as the worst team in the NFL they are sticking with Eli.

Even Tammy Wynette wouldn't stand by this man.

So the Giants are steamrolling to another Top 2 pick in the draft, but there aren't any quarterbacks the caliber of last years group available. So, the Giants will waste another draft pick on someone inconsequential and ride the Eli train into further futility.

It's a great time to NOT be a Giants fan.


To show that I am a fair person, I offer this. Kenny Doak has won the last 2 football games for Maine with last second field goals. I'll admit that I am normally really hard on kickers, because, well, I just don't like them. I think they are overused.

But KD has had me fist pumping for 2 weeks in a row!

Maine football is poised atop the CAA standings, largely in part to Doak just dominating his position. With the hockey team rolling to 2 wins on opening weekend, it's a great time to be a Maine Black Bears fan! Go Blue!

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