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At least Yankees fans didn't entirely waste their hard earned money Monday night. After all they got to see history made and records broken. That doesn't happen every day.

Sure, the Yanks were humbled on national TV to the tune of 16-1. But glass half full: no Yankee team had ever received that kind of post season beatdown before. EVER! And they have played in a lot of playoff games. Just ask any Yankee fan and they'll happily babble about the number 27 all day long.

So select Big Apple people were lucky enough to stumble into their jobs today being able to brag about seeing the hometown team lose by 15 runs. Nobody else can do that!

Not to mention their arch rival Red Sox had never scored that many runs in a road playoff game before either.

See! Watercooler talk taken care of for today. Hold on to those tickets!

But wait! There's more!

Yankee fans were blessed to be treated to a "Brock Show." Yup. The Brock Star became the FIRST player in MLB history to hit for the cycle in a post season game. And baseball has been around a wicked long time.

So, theres that silver lining for Yankee faithful.

We should mention his last hit came off a backup catcher who had to do mop up duty. Aaron Boone needed to save his bullpen for Tuesday when he hopes the Yanks can come within two touchdowns of the best team in baseball.

Of course most Yankee fans were on the subway when the last Brock Holt hit occurred. Maybe they set their DVR's?


I now see why. So you can be witness to history.

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