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West Coast Sports Trip Proves It's Time To Torch Fenway

I have just returned from Seattle. Three years after the fact, my wife, aka Hellcat, and I managed to find the time and resources to go on our honeymoon.

We are a sports loving family, so the theme of this trip was most decidedly sports first, other sightseeing later.

We got off the plane, took a train to our hotel, checked in and then got right back on the train to the University of Washington for a major college football showdown between Washington and Arizona St. It was cool to see Herm Edwards pacing the sideline again. Husky Stadium at night is electric. A tremendous atmosphere. Although the Sun Devils "played to win the game" the home fans went home happy.

Sunday brought a new " family divided" day. My wife is a lifelong Dallas Cowboys fan and I, alas, am a Seahawks fan since their inception in the league in 1976. Another great atmosphere. CenturyLink Field is a much better to watch a football game than Cowboys Stadium , which is where Seattle won last year. Much like last year, the cream rose to the top and the Seahawks took care of business against the fighting Jerry Joneses.

Monday thru Thursday brought the ultimate highlight of our trip. Baseball at Safeco Field. Hellcat is also a lifelong Rangers fan, so Thursday night's game against the Rangers was a great final act to our trip. We even managed to find a shop next to the stadium that monogramed her name in a Rangers hat for her.

There aren't enough superlatives to describe how good Safeco Field is. Safeco is the 12th MLB park I have visited, and for me and it is officially my favorite. Tickets were insanely affordable and we spent three nights in comfortable padded seats on the club level.

Concession offerings were off the chart. From the crabmeat melt sandwich, to the mac and cheese bar ( get yours with Italian sausage mini balls and spicy bacon and thank me later) to the garlic fries, it was first rate from start to finish.

If your only experience with Major League Baseball is Fenway Park, you might be in for a huge letdown if you travel to Seattle, because you will quickly realize that your beloved Fenway is an outdated relic that can't hold a candle to modern day stadiums.

After adding Safeco to my list, I see now more than ever it is time for Fenway to be torn down. The Red Sox are a proud and successful franchise. It's shameful really that they play in a subpar, comparatively speaking, ballpark. Seattle comes with my highest recommendation for sports and historical sightseeing.

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