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Thoughts As Sox Head to The Postseason

So here it is, the beginning of the Major League Baseball playoffs. After a magical regular season, one of historical proportions, our boys of summer are heading into fall, and hoping this classic season ends up with them in them the "Fall Classic."

So what can Sox Nation expect? Will October be as easy as April through September?

It’s not likely. Not only is the competition going to be better, but a short series is a whole different animal than a 162 game season.

The things that the Red Sox don’t have a lot of talent at, is sadly what they are going to need the most now.

Assuming Chris Sale is 100% healthy, he needs to prove himself in the playoffs. I don't even want to talk about David Price and his playoff history.

As far as the Boston bullpen? Well, you guys already know.

The Sox are 2-4 against Oakland but haven’t played each other since May so you can throw that out. The A's are a much better team post All Star Break.

Obviously Boston vs New York is a sexier matchup. And a much tougher matchup since the teams were pretty much even against each other during the regular season.

The Sox have a lot of question marks as we head into the playoffs. So do the Yankees. Astros as well.

In my opinion the Indians are probably in the best shape for what lies ahead. For me, Boston gets to the ALCS but loses to Cleveland.

Will that be enough to call this a successful season?


The Red Sox were the only team in the majors not to lose four straight this season.

JD Martinez finished at .330-43-130. Last Red Sox player with those stats was Ted Williams in 1949.

Most HR in 1st season with Red Sox:

J.D. Martinez – 43 (2018)

Dick Stuart – 42 (1963)

Jimmie Foxx – 41 (1936)

Manny Ramirez – 41 (2001)

The Red Sox hit 10 grand slams, only their 2nd time ever reaching that total in a season (11 in 2005). They hit 0 grand slams in 2017.

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