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Sox/Yanks. It's Meant to Be.

I remember that night very well.

October 20th, 2004. It was a nice October evening in Bar Harbor. My girlfriend and I, both Yankees fans, were sitting upstairs at Rupinuni’s enjoying a couple libations and getting ready for Game 7 between the Red Sox and The Yankees.

I was sipping on a Kevin "Millar Lite" and she was tossing back a "Pedro Martini". Both drinks on special and appropriately named after Red Sox players. We had just had a heart breaking three days in which the Sox fought off a 3-0 series deficit to force a decisive Game 7 in The Bronx. But this is what playoffs are all about and it was nice to see the Sox put up a bit of a fight.

Half an hour later the Sox were up 6-0 after two innings and there was no looking back. The dramatic Game 4 extra innings comeback win sparked a fire in those Red Sox.

We didn’t even stay for the whole game. We didnt have to. I knew there was no miracle comeback for the Yanks that evening. It just wasn’t meant to be. The Red Sox had something magical. Boston would not lose another game that year.

Fast forward to 2018 and we might see the Yanks and Sox meet again in the playoffs for the first time since the aforementioned 2004 ALCS. Yes, a one game playoff does stand in the way of renewing this historic rivalry.

The Yankees and The Oakland Athletics have earned the final two Wild Card spots and will play a winner-takes-all game on Wednesday night in New York for the chance to face the Red Sox Friday night at Fenway Park. With the historic season and record the Red Sox have had this year, whoever earns the right to play the Sox will have their hands full for sure.

As a Yankees fan I would love to see the Red Sox and Yankees meet again in the playoffs. I'm not looking past Oakland at all and know that they are also a great team who are on a roll.

But I am selfish and I want a renewal of one of the greatest rivalries in all of sports. I want the Yankees to beat the Atletics and I want the smack talking to commmence. This is what 162 games and then some all comes down to. The players need this. The media needs this. But most importantly WE the fans need this.

As Tiger is to The PGA, Red Sox/Yankees meeting for a seven game series in October is what is needed for The Fans.


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