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Leave The Black in Black Bears.

Things get under my skin.

Now and then.

Often silly little things that I shouldn't think twice about. But I have issues and often can't let them go.

One of my favorite pet peeves reared its ugly head repeatedly this past weekend. Bear with me on this.

Let me ask you: What's the name of the teams at the University of Maine?

As I'm sure you correctly answered, Black Bears.

It's a great name! Easy to remember and say.

Yet some of the older media members in our area frequently call them "The Bears." They leave out Black. I have no earthly idea why. And I can't grin and bear it any longer.

I was listening to a broadcast Saturday and they did it quite a few times.

Why? It's just one word but changes the entire name of the only division one program in our state.

Does the university frown on this practice? Does a bear poop in the woods? They sure do.

Here are the official rules form the University of Maine style guide:

The following shortened versions of the name are acceptable and should be used consistently throughout written or printed materials:

  • UMaine

  • Maine

  • Maine Black Bears

  • Black Bears

Both men’s and women’s athletic teams are called the “Black Bears,” “Maine Black Bears” or “Maine.”

See! This has gone on for years and I'm ready for it to cease.

How am I supposed to trust anything that is said or written about the games if the reporters and announcers don't even get the name of the team right?

I know we shorten Red Sox to Sox. And Patriots to Pats. Fine. But it just doesn't work in the case of the Black Bears.

So, stop it. Bear down and say it with me.

"Maine Black Bears."

See, not so hard is it. So do it and it will make you sound smarter than the average bear.

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