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Black Bears Might Need to Head Back To The Future

Tough loss for the Maine football team on Saturday. Tough in that the final score didn’t seem Indicative of the way the game was played.

Perhaps I watched a game through Black Bear colored lenses but Maine seemed to be a superior team. They just couldn’t overcome the loss of their starting quarterback.

I bet if you would’ve asked Maine football fans in the preseason if after three weeks the team would have a

2-1 record, my thinking is that most would’ve gladly taken it . Myself among them. But being 2-1 still will take you a couple of bucks to get you a ride on the Community Connector, and won't buy you much else.

So, the question is... what happens now? It looks like Chris Ferguson is going to miss a couple of weeks. A couple of key weeks. In particular that match up at home on October 6 against Villanova.

As fun as it was to watch the high flying offense in weeks one and two, it might be time for UMaine football to gas up the old DeLorean, make sure the Flux Capacitor is functional, and kick that baby up to 88 mph.

I'm talking about a Marty McFly ride back to old-school Black Bear football. A time when defense, running the football and perhaps sexiest of all, field position, ruled all.

I don’t know how long the team will be without Ferguson and I haven’t seen enough of Isaiah Robinson to know if he can manage a game the way Chris did.

I do know the defense is stellar. And I know Coach H has a couple of stud running backs who can churn out hard fought yards behind an impressive offensive line.

Maine needs to play smart and cut out penalties. Basically win the way it used to be done. When milkshakes and gas cost less.

"Roads? Where we’re going we don’t need roads." - Emmett Brown 1985

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