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Well, that was embarrassing.

The Patriots have been known for occasionally putting up early-season stinkers in the Bill Belichick era (Buffalo, 2003; Arrowhead, 2014 and to the Chiefs just last season), but Sunday's loss at Jacksonville was the king stinker.

I know all the Aaron Rodgers types in Pats Nation would tell me to "R-E-L-A-X" here, but this was a team I think the Patriots should've taken care of. Let's face it, Blake Bortles isn't exactly Brett Favre, and Belichick's defense looked as if they were facing Nick Foles last February.

It was embarrassing to see a mid-tier quarterback like Bortles put up 31 points on a Belichick defense. He's not in the same category as guys like Brady and Rodgers and it's not close.

The big X-factors to me are the fact that Tom Brady's best buddy, Julian Edelman, can't play until Week 5.

And Jacksonville also billed this game up as a "revenge" game for last January's AFC Championship loss.

Yes, this loss was public humiliaton. But, as far as I'm concerned, the Jags can talk all the smack they want.

Jalen Ramsey will no doubt keep opening his mouth, but in the long run, he won't learn the way the 2003 Bills, 2004 Steelers and 2014 Chiefs did when they opened their mouths after celebrating a regular-season win over the Patriots like it was a Super Bowl.

New England lost yesterday. But the Patriots win in December. January. And often February.

The Jags can have this one. Maybe we'll see ya in January.

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