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Avoid Kentucky. But Embrace UMaine Football.

I had the opportunity to go to Kentucky last week.

I can confirm, it's even less glamourous than it sounds.

However, that's where the UMaine football team was playing, so off I went.

Western Kentucky University is a nice campus. Their stadium is impressive and the fans were generally polite.

What a performance by our Black Bears. Down 21-0, in pouring rain, thoughts of an early exit strategy were entering my head. But alas, nobody in a Black Bear uniform, polo, or headset ever batted an eye.

I had a great seat right behind the Maine bench and not a single person was hanging their head at any point early in that game. There was no panic. The Bears just went to work and methodically dismantled WKU from that point forward.

The score looked close, but literally all of their points came on four plays. Three long TD passes and a fluke tipped pass for a "pick 6".

Other than that, Maine owned the day. Oh, and thanks for the big check WKU!

The University of Maine football program is special. Really special. I hope folks will use the limited amount of games left in Orono as an opportunity to get out and support them. I know a lot of Maine "fans" can be fickle and only back a winner. So, attention fair weather fans. Your time is now!

To put a smile on everyone's face, at the time of this writing, the only school in the entire twelve team CAA Football Conference with 0 wins is New Hampshire. I'll drink to that! Go Maine.

By the way a big shoutout and congrats to Jim Churchill and the Sports Chowdah's very own Jeff Mannix on their new play by play jobs with UMaine athletics! These guys are the best of the best and these jobs are very well deserved!

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