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A Trip to Fenway Park is Still Pretty Amazing

A trip to Fenway Park is truly an unequaled sports experience. Sunday my buddy Dave and I set out from the Queen City around 7:45am. A down and back to Boston at my age is a bit of a challenge, but the Red Sox are worth it.

Between Bangor and Kittery, we saw an estimated 3,212 dead grey squirrels on I-95. Maybe more. It got me thinking; if there are this many dead rodents on the highway, imagine how many are in Maine’s millions of acres of woods?

I pray they are not conspiring to attack as I do think they just might have the numbers to take control of our states major towns and cities fairly easily.

Back to my advanced age for a moment.

At this point in my life I don’t mind paying for good seats and parking these days. So for $50 we parked about fifteen feet from the players parking lot at Fenway.

Our seats were just back above the Sox dugout, just far enough to be in the shade for the entire game. I felt quite bad for the people in the outfield bleachers who all melted and had to be peeled off their seats after three and a half hours or so of baking in the sun. My days of doing that are long gone.

I liken the experience of walking to visiting the studio set of your favorite show in Hollywood. You see it on TV all the time, then all of a sudden you are there in person.

It's cool to see the stars of this show, which not only include the players and media. For example only in Boston does a police officer pose for pics with fans and sign autographs due to his fame for cheering for a homer in the Sox bullpen in 2013. (Picture below)

Seeing the field and Green Monster as you slowly stroll up the decrepit old cement ramps still takes my breath away. That never changes.

However Fenway itself has changed a great deal in recent years. You know about the added seating and renovations. But have you ever stopped in the kids area under the centerfield bleachers? It’s almost like a whole separate amusement park for the kiddos. I wanted to sit in the “Virtual Dugout” (picture below) and see if the floor was covered in spit out sunflower seeds like the real one.

Fenway can be best described as a unique blend of history and a modern day baseball experience. There is still some organ music but Bruno Mars blasts between innings as well.

They still tell you how to score the play on the outfield scoreboard as if anyone there still brings a scorebook to a game. Meanwhile Wally flings t shirts and Cracker Jacks into the crowd.

About 12 years ago I would routinely go on my radio show and plead for the demolition of the old park. But after what this ownership group has accomplished, Fenway is the perfect marriage of tradition and today. Take it from this old guy who still cringes every time “The Wave” swirls around the park.

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