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Would Our Sox Smell The Same By Any Other Name?

For the past many decades, I’ve been known by the following names: Tomcat, Red Riot, Warrior, Black Bear, and Blue Devil.

And just this week, I’ve taken on a new moniker-Eagle. Some words of explanation: Before the Smith family moved to Maine from Illinois in August of 1969, the Smith kids attended East Aurora Elementary School, home of the….you guessed it…Tomcats.

Upon arriving in Orono, we became Red Riots, then the Smith twins became Barrington Warriors upon entering college. When the youngest Smith twin (yours truly) finished-up at UMaine, I became a Black Bear.

Upon entering graduate work at Duke, I became a Blue Devil (cease and desist with the booing, you Tar Heel goobers.) Now, as I begin teaching a couple of classes at Husson, I now align myself with fellow Eagles.

Some of these names are OK with me, although I’m not sure I ever understood what the Red Riot thing was all about, and I suspect Blue Devil isn’t the best name to claim for yours truly, who happens to pastor a couple of churches.

Black Bear, Tomcat and Eagle are OK with me, since there is a bit of ferociousness mixed-in with those names, which leads me to the….Red Sox.

Boston fans, step back for a bit and truly contemplate this name. Red Sox? Really? Have actual socks ever struck fear in the hearts of opponents, with the exception of Solari’s on laundry day?

I was hoping for an exciting, fan-waving explanation as to how the Red Sox received their name, but alas, ‘twas not to be. Turns out the name Red Sox was chosen by owner John I. Taylor after the 1907 season, which simply referred to the red hose in the team uniform beginning 1908. Yawn. And yet…

Thankfully the Red Sox name is indeed striking fear into the hearts of hardball squads in both the A.L. and N.L. Seemingly, with the possible exception of the Rays (note recent sweep) all teams have fallen victim to the bashing Bosox.

A 100 game win season seem a shoe-in (see what I did there? Sox? Shoes?)

Let’s hope we continue to witness some more ferociousness from the Sox as we sail toward October!

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