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Romo. A Rod. No Thanks! I'll Just Turn The Volume Off.

Let’s just say as a New England sports fan, the two national TV broadcasts involving our teams on Sunday, were a true test of my patience.

For the Patriots opener versus Houston, CBS assigned their number one broadcast team of Jim Nance and Tony Romo. Jim Nance is perfectly charming and typical network vanilla flavored. Just like most national play by play people. A middle aged white guy in a nice suite with parted hair. Yawn. But not annoying.

The same can not be said for Tony Romo. I can’t even buy Tony Roma Ribs any more due to the similar names and the leftover acid reflux Romo causes me.

I actually sometimes enjoy his games. That is when when he’s not broadcasting a Patriots game.

Look, I am biased. But can we agree that he barely even tries to hide the fact he wants New England to lose?

I get it. It’s the old news adage where dog biting man is not newsworthy. But when man wrestles the dog to the ground and chews away on his leg, it’s a news story.

The Pats losing happens so seldom that you can tell Romo is just begging for that storyline.

Not to mention he knows that 44 of the 50 states also want to see New England go down. So with his blatant bias he is appealing to the masses. That’s good for ratings but makes it hard for Patriots fans to enjoy the broadcast.

Then there is Alex Rodriguez on Sunday Night Baseball. Have. Mercy.

A-Rod. A fraud. The man who just a couple years ago sued baseball after being suspended for more than 200 games. I can’t even stand looking at his face.

And man does he love to hear himself talk! If he is getting paid by the word he will make more money than he ever did in baseball.

I’m in radio so I know if you talk long enough you will say stupid things, like when A-Rod claimed last night the Sox will “Go as far as Rick Porcello will take them in the playoffs.” Ummm, OK.

For the most part he just contributes mindless banter, or takes part in silly stunts like cooking hamburgers and serving drinks at a Boston watering hole. Which we literally did see last night.

No thanks. I’ll save the money I spend on Romo and A-Rod induced migraine medication and just shut off the volume.

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