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OK Patriot nation, the first win is in the books. That was no small victory. The Texans are likely to be on the north side of 10 wins when it’s all said and done. Meanwhile the Patriots have a recent history of not playing terribly well in September, so we can chalk that one up in the ‘quality win’ column.

I am not going to nit-pick because every team has issues if you look closely enough. And it was only game one.

So let’s focus on the positives. The defense. Yes, I said the Patriots defense was a positive. It's not often those words get strung together.

Just one year ago Deshaun Watson had his coming out party against the Patriots and carved the defense up. Sunday, not so much. There never seemed to be a time in the game when New England wasn’t in control. A few sacks and some great quarterback pressure. Well done ‘D’

Some other notable and probably obvious observations: With Donta Hightower this team is so much better than without. Same for Gronk and obviously TB12. As I watched stars around the league either get injured (Fournette, Rodgers etc…) football really is a sport where your entire season can come down to injuries at key spots.

As for the Patriots, game one is over, the team is healthy and it’s off to Jacksonville to take on a team still mad about letting the AFC championship slip away last year.

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