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Give the Football Coach a Contract Extension and Other Requests for New UMaine AD

An opening win by the UMaine Football team over its biggest rival is a fantastic way to start the season. And it was much needed.

The schedule to start the year is an absolute beast. At Western Kentucky, at Central Michigan, and at Yale, a very good football team predicted to win the Ivy League for the second consecutive year. Finally the Black Bears return home to play nationally ranked Villanova in early October.

A loss to UNH and you are staring at a scary road ahead. With the win, the road ahead is no less intimidating but a little extra pep in the step and confidence from the big win can go a long way.

And we’re all allowed to wonder. How good is this team? Time will tell.

UMaine has a new Director of Athletics- Ken Ralph. His first official day was Sept. 1. What better way to welcome him to school than to hand him to Brice-Cowell Musket following a victory over your rival.

The hope is that he recognizes what a good thing they have going. Maine football has a young staff that’s motivated and recruits. MAN DO THEY RECRUIT.

It’s the lifeblood of any program and it’s what this staff does best. It’s not the X’s and O's, it’s the Jimmy’s and the Joe’s.

After a few years they have their guys in place and this is the start of something special.

So here’s my plea to Mr. Ralph.

First off, welcome. I hope you are settling in nicely.

Now, let’s start by extending Coach Harasymiak. It starts at the top. Show confidence in him and the program and when they go back on the road to recruit, which if you will look back a few paragraphs is what they do best, they can say "our coach is going to be here for a long time so come and be a part of something special in Orono."

Give him money to pay his assistant coaches.

Find money to replace the turf.

Having said all that can we please stop playing two FBS teams each season? Let’s play one and then schedule a cupcake at home. I know this suggestion conflicts with those above but I still want it.

Finally, for the love of God let us tailgate. It’s a college football game. Students should be having as much fun as humanly possible along with the rest of your fans, which only builds on atmosphere, one which has immensely grown over the last few years.

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