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Another High School Sports Season Is Here!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Fall sports practices begin on Monday for high school sports teams across the state.

It may seem cruel for summer to be cut short by a few weeks for those who play sports in high school, but one of my best memories from high school (which was clearly a long time ago) was showing up on that first day, throwing on the purple and white of Deering High School and re-connecting with friends to see how there summers went. (Remember, this was before cell phones, the internet and Fortnite)

Freshman are nervous but excited that they are out of middle school and ready to play in the ‘big leagues’.

Sophomores are excited their freshman years are over and this is here all that experience starts to pay off.

Juniors have high hopes since they are now upperclassmen and leaders on their respective teams.

And for seniors, this is it. A season of lasts. Last bus trip 2 hours away, last road game, last home game, last chance at unachieved goals, all of it.

So while parents and kids alike may lament being back at school in mid-August when summers in our state are so unfairly short, try and focus on what a special time in life playing high school sports is and can be.

The time passes so very quickly and before you know it, you’ll be writing about the ‘good ole days’ instead of lacing up the cleats yourself.

Enjoy and best of luck to all of the athletes and coaches for a successful season!

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