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Time To Dissolve A Couple MLB Teams

Fourth And Goal With The Bam

If ever there was an argument to be made for Major League baseball to get smaller, it's now.

I thought it might be fun to spend the weekend in Arlington checking out some baseball as the Rangers hosted the Orioles. Being at the ballpark, enjoying some hot dogs and some cold beer was indeed fun. The baseball itself? Not so much.

I wonder how often two major league teams feature starting lineups without a single batter hitting above .285 between both of them? Simply pathetic.

The Orioles are historically bad, and this is a franchise that once started a season 0-21. That team went on to finish with 54 wins.This Orioles team won't sniff that. How Buck Showalter finds the energy and drive to even show up for work anymore is beyond me.

Once upon a time I was a huge Orioles fan. An inept, terrible and just flat out incompetent owner forced me to bury my allegiance to this franchise deep in the darkest corners of a closet. I keep hoping against hope that he will eventually sell the team and there can be some pride once again in the Orange and Black.

Those dreams were dashed this weekend when an old timer in the beer line told me that Peter Angelos will never sell the Orioles, because he's planning on giving it to his two sons. He wasn't hopeful much would change when that happens. Great.

The Orioles have zero talent. They are so bad that their third baseman made two errors Friday night, during the between inning ground balls thrown from the first baseman! Can't make this stuff up folks.

Major League Baseball simply doesn't have enough talented players to field 32 teams competitively. Time to shed some of the dead weight and improve the product. For all the faults that the NFL has, and there are plenty, their teams are all competitive on a fairly regular basis. (The Browns excluded) The bad teams usually cycle back to being good pretty often. See the Rams for example. Once world champs, then worst team in football, now a prohibitive favorite to win their division.

Baseball needs fixing. Badly. I will look back on my weekend in Arlington remembering the old saying, there are just some things you can't unsee.

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