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Predicting The Weather is Much Easier Than Predicting The Red Sox

It’s been a rather sweaty summer, don’t you think? July featured an average temperature almost three degrees above normal. What’s made our summer season unusually sweaty has been the consistency of the humid air hanging around.

If you’re looking to escape the heat, your best bet is to coast to the coast, where onshore breezes knock the temps down somewhat compared to inland Maine. Yep, there’s a distinct temperature difference going-on during these hot summer days between inland land-lubbers and lobster lovers along the ocean’s edge, which of course, makes weather prognosticating for we climate nerds challenging.

For example, during winter a foot of snow falling in Greenville often falls as an inch of slush in Bar Harbor, due to the milder winter air along the coast. The western mountains of Maine (think Sugarloaf) forces air to rise, serving to ignite summer thunderstorms that would otherwise fizzle in the northern plains of Aroostook County.

Thick fog forming at Acadia is nowhere to be seen in Millinocket, due to the influence of the cold ocean water temps. All this to say, forecasting weather in our beloved state is a mighty challenge some days, and the inevitable blown forecast typically heaps words of ridicule upon your humbled local weather prognosticators. But it could be worse……

I would much rather attempt to predict what’s going on with our fickle forecasts then join-in with my sports-talk, sports-anchor friends who are attempting to predict the outcome of the Bosox season.

Will the Sox take the division? Do they have enough bullpen arms? Oh no, Sale is on the DL? For how long? Can JD keep up this pace? Will Mookie still be Mookie in September?

And what about the Yanks? Can we hold those NY bats at bay with the likes of…gulp…David Price? (Based on last night, yes!) Will E-Rod be back on the mound firing on all cylinders? Will I ever sit in a cramped seat at Fenway without the &%$#@ hot dog vendors blocking my view every three minutes? (Sorry, got carried away while inserting a pet-peeve.)

Weather forecast for the next 7 days: warm and sticky-that’s an easy one. Forecast for the rest of the Sox season? Here’s an answer you never hear from a meteorologist: I have no idea!

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