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A Little Love For David Price

It is extremely difficult for me to cheer for David Price. I don’t care for him very much.

I don’t like his beard. I don’t like what he did to Eck. I don't like his sense of humor, or lack there of.

I don’t like the way he doesn’t really pitch from the wind up. I don't like that he wears Dwight Evans' number 24. I don't like his voice. I don't like that he made about a million bucks to pitch one game last night.

But I was literally cheering for the Red Sox ten years before Price was born.

So for the good of the team I want him to pitch well. Something that he typically does not do against the New York Yankees, or on prime time TV, or in any big game for that matter.

But I’m a big enough man to give credit where credit is due. Last night on Sunday night baseball David Price didn’t suck. He actually was good.

How's that?

And, in case you were wondering about how Mr. Tingly Fingers has been pitching since the team asked him to stop playing video games for many hours every day:

9 wins (deserved #10 last night) just 2 losses and a an ERA of 3.45.

So, while it pains me to write it, and I might sprain my arm tipping my cap to Price, on this rare occasion he deserves it.

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