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Think You Know How The Pats Will Fare This Season? I Don't Think So.

Here we go again.

Defending AFC champs again.

One of the favorites to go to the Super Bowl again.

Tom Brady is back again.

With everything seemingly the same as it was, why does nothing feel the same? Is it me?

This has been the most uncomfortably awkward off-season in recent memory. As training camp is about to begin, the questions far outweigh the answers.

There is absolutely no reason to believe that the relationship between the star quarterback and the star coach is good.

Theres no reason to believe that the star tight end is 100% happy.

We have no reason to believe they can just “figure out” a way to get through the first four games without Julian Edelman. Even though they did it last year, a lot of the beneficiaries of those targets are now gone.

Will any of these off field issues make a difference on the scoreboard? Time will tell, but even the most optimistic Patriot fan is feeling uneasy as we get ready to snap the ball and march towards another Super Bowl. Hopefully.

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