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Abolish All Star Games. "The Open" Should Not Be A Major. And I Have Heat Stroke.

Fourth & Goal By The Bam

Good grief am I glad this past week is now behind us! As a sports fan, it is the worst week of the year and second place is not even close.

Even though the Major League Baseball All Star Game is the only one of the four major sports that has any competitive legitimacy to it, it's still a waste of time. I am more than happy to vote to abolish it and all other all star games effective immediately.

Want to shorten the season so we aren't playing the World Series in nearly November? Start earlier, in warm weather locations, or domes and give back this drag of a week to actual, real baseball.

In conjunction with the all star game, we ave basically a week without any realsports. I know , I know, the worthy seven people watching the WNBA still had a good week. Boo Yeah for you.

We couldn't even be saved by golf. The worst golf tournament in the world just happens to be held in this very week. Appropriate I guess given the rest of the miserable sports landscape.

The British Open.. errr The Open Championship is a total abomination. How is this considered a " Major" championship? Tee times at 0300? How many were watching that? A total garbage heap of a golf course that featured essentially zero green grass on the fairways.

I think I saw one green with two flags. Two flags? Like golf isn't hard enough already? Come on. It's time to strip the major title from this tournament. The PGA can do better. Play a tournament at Pirates Cove Bar Harbor for crying out loud. Anything would be better than this hayfield. Totally atrocious.

Maybe I'm just bitter because I shot a 90 today on a course with actual grass fairways. Or maybe I am bitter because it's been 109 degrees here (in Oklahoma) for the last 3 days. Yep, you read that right. 109. So, remember when you Mainahs were crying about the 90s (degrees not golf scores) and how oppressive it was? You can stop crying now. Don't want to hear it.

So here is a toast to the rest of the summer. Filled with golf with grass, baseball every night and joy to the world, college football practice starts in one week!

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