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Back In My Day: Red Sox of 1978

As I continue to “mature” (a polite way of saying becoming more creaky) I find myself joining certain clubs, often without even realizing I’ve done so. One such club: the B.I.M.D. club. I realized I was a member of this club the other day, when one of our teenaged grandkids asked for a ride to a friend’s house, to which I responded (here it comes) “BACK IN MY DAY, we WALKED to our friend’s houses.” After blurting-out this statement, I realized I had become a B.I.M.D. club member.

My grandkids aren’t the only ones to hear from me regarding this matter. The other day Judy and I were out for a drive, when I spotted some storage units built out in the middle of an expansive field on the outskirts of Bangor. After spying this, I turned to Judy and proclaimed: “BACK IN MY DAY we didn’t have so much stuff, so we didn’t need storage units!” Observing we both had bottled water in our laps, I continued: “And back in my day, we didn’t have water bottles! Why pay for something we could get out of our faucets for free!” (Commence rolling of Judy’s eyes.)

Back in my day, the Red Sox were rolling. By “back in my day,” I’m talking about the summer of 1978. The Bosox were crushing it, led by the likes of Tiant, Lynn, Rice, Carbo, Fisk, Yaz, and the Eck. I was a freshman at Dean College in Franklin, MA, surrounded by like-minded Sox fans. Surprisingly however, there were a fair number of fellow students wearing Yankee hats. As you might imagine, as the Boston bashers started to #*&%-away their 14 game lead over the pin-stripers, those swearing allegiance to the Evil Empire began to taunt we Red Sox faithful.

The battle between the wilting Sox and the surging Yanks all came down to a one game play-off on Monday, October 2nd. The student union lounge at Dean College was crammed with fans from both sides. And then……Bucky bleepin’ Dent happened.

Fast forward to July, 2018. Forty years later. The Sox are 3 ½ games up on the Yanks in the A. L. East. In 1978, Zims’ squad squandered the hopes of Red Sox nation. Let’s hope Cora’s team doesn’t do the same, ‘cuz back in my day…..

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