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I Say Pats Win 3 of First 4 Gmes. Wanna Bet on It?

News broke last week that Julian Edelman’s four-game suspension will be upheld. Personally I’m sure Edelman is innocent and this is yet another example of an over arcing conspiracy by officials in the league to chip away at the Patriots dynasty.

However he will still have to sit four games. If the Pats went three and one without Tom Brady a few years ago do you have any doubt that they will be just fine without Edelman to start 2018?

Texans, Jaguars, Lions, Dolphins. Those are the opponents out of the gate. While historically the Patriots have used September as an extended spring training of sorts, I have little doubt that the Pats go three and one at minimum during the stretch.

The true key of the New England offense, in addition to Tom Brad,y is having either Gronkowski OR Edelman on the field at a given time. They each provide the comfort and knowledge of the offense he needs.

Overall I think this will be a different offense we see in 2018. Gone is field stretcher Brandin cooks. In his place is a bevy of chain movers. A.k.a. dink and dunk time is back. And there is nothing wrong with that. The dink and dunk is what the dynasty’s foundation was laid upon.

While the Chowdah does not condone illegal gambling (this is an assumption, as I don’t regularly attend Chowdah board meetings) I would advise you to drive to Delaware Or New Jersey, one of the states that has legal sports betting in place, and make a wager.

Sidenote, Maine really needs to get the ball rolling on legal gambling here. That’s a blog for another day.

In the meantime I am so confident in the Pats to start at least 3-1, that I’ll put up a few jars of Todd’s Salsa and a scantily clad picture of Chris Ewing from the waning hours of the WABI TV 5 Christmas party.

Who wants the action?

Side note Chris’ rendition of Mele Kalikimaka at that same party changed my life. Go Pats!

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