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Goodell and Manfred: A Pair Three of a Kind Can't Beat

Fourth & Goal by The Bam

Major League Baseball and the National Football League have major leadership issues. Both leagues have commissioners who at times appear to be inept. Add to that, woefully inconsistent suspension parameters, and these sports have some issues.

Jameis Winston has been suspended by Good ole Roger Goodell for essentially sexually assaulting an Uber driver two years ago. That's some swift justice there Rog. Winston got a whopping three games. Wow. That'll teach him! Talk about a slap on the wrist. His non throwing wrist I'm sure.

Tom Brady deflated footballs, or had them deflated, or was vaguely aware that footballs were being touched, and he got four games. Tom Terrific hasn't deflated a football since then, as far as we know. See, four games is a deterrent! Even if excessive in this case.

Ezekiel Elliott was suspended for six games for merely being accused of something for which he was never actually charged. For Winston to only get 3 games is laughable. Roger Goodell should be ashamed of what his league has become. Wrought with controversy over the National Anthem, continually trying to make the game " safer" by making the game less footballish, and handing out ridiculous punishments that make zero sense at all. It is time for the owners to do the right thing and fire the commissioner and get someone in there who can actually lead and bring the NFL back to respectability.

The only problem with that is, the owners don't think he's a problem as evidenced by his ridiculous new contract extension awarded to him in December. So, Roger will collect his massive payceck for years to come.

Now comes Rob Manfred, not to be outdone by Goodell in trying to destroy his product. When Manfred isn't trying to also fix things that aren't broken, like pace of play and time of games, he's letting three time drug users skate home free.

Jerry Mejia of the Mets failed a drug test 3 times in 1 year. Wanting to keep PED's out of the game, Mejia was hammered 2 years ago with a "lifetime ban" from baseball. Now , lifetime bans are supposed to be lifetime. I mean, I don't think Manfred will even take phone calls from Pete Rose anymore , because, you know, of the "lifetime" ban.

How on earth could Rob Manfred look the fans in the eye with a straight face and tell us that this 3 time drug offender , with a lifetime ban 2 years ago, is now free to rejoin the Mets organization after this years all star break? What a joke. Total black eye for the sport.

Pete Rose bet on his team to win games and is approaching 30 years of banishment. Jenrry Mejia cheated the sport at least three times and is free after just two years. Just when we thought Bud Selig was the worst commissioner of all time, Rob Manfred just pulled a classic "hold my beer and watch this" moment. Disgraceful on every level.

Oh, and one last thing, why on earth does MLB allow Toronto to host games on July 4th? Maybe Manfred and his minions in charge of scheduling need a history lesson.

Baseball and Football are great sports but both are in need of new leadership, and soon.

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