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Boston Sports Fans: Enemies of The State

I love being a Boston sports fan. Always have. But now more than ever.

Yes, all of the winning makes it wicked easy. But what’s almost as much fun as watching the Pats storm back from 28-3 down is wearing Boston sports logo clothing in other cities. Talk about profiling and harassment.

My buddy Rich and I just got back from seeing the Sox play the Nationals in Washington DC. I was wearing a Patriots golf shirt on the flight, looking a bit Tom Brady like if I do say so myself.

As we approached the rental car counter the woman working there scowled at me.

“Are you a Patriots fan?” she inquired.

I assured her I was. Her look got a bit meaner as she explained she didn’t really hate my team, but that she did hate the quarterback because “he cheats.” Thank you Commissioner Roger.

I didn’t want her to downgrade us to a Yugo so I was polite, but the debate was spirited. She soon revealed she was a Dallas Cowboys fan. Keeping that handicap in mind, I let her off easy and she gave us a decent car. We also took a photo as you can see. Peace restored.

On game day I wore a Red Sox t-shirt. Not a big deal at the stadium as there were around 20,000 other Sox fans on hand. But we almost didn’t make it there at all after a showdown on the Metro.

At a stop outside the city we approached the Metro booth to ask about a restroom. Rich needed a urinal more than David Price needs personality implant surgery.

The subway is always noisy and it was 98’ that day. I smiled at the attendant and asked for a restroom. He said something that I couldn’t make out. I asked again. He replied but I couldn’t hear him. I stuck my ear down to the slot under the window and said loudly “bathroom.” He replied loudly “New York.”

Game on.

By now Rich was ready to lose the contents of his bladder right there and said so to the man in the booth. This brought this Metro manager out and the Sox/Yankees debate was off and running.

Now of course the aforementioned Price has tanked the night before in the Bronx so that didn’t help our cause. But after the manager finally unlocked the restroom we spent the next five minutes debating the rivalry. We were loud. And animated. It was fun. Picture included.

Turns out he was a Cowboys fan too. Talk about the swamp needing to be drained.

At the end of these and other encounters, we shook hands and moved on. But if you ever want proof that us Boston sports fans are enemies of the state in every other state, just wear your logo proudly in another city and be ready for what happens next.

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