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2018 NBA: ZZZzzzzzzz. Boring.

I miss the NBA. Not this farce of a game today where there are many I’s in team, but the actual NBA. The good ole days if you will.

While the popular mantra now is that Kevin Durant broke the NBA, he didn’t. All of this ‘super team’ stuff has included the Heat, the Cavaliers and yes, the Celtics.

In fact, Boston is one of the "have’s" and the game is still unwatchable. And the NBA is not alone.

Let’s take a test. Pick 5 teams in each major sport that you think WILL win its league championship. You’re probably right in the NBA and MLB. You could be right in the NFL and you’re likely wrong in the NHL.

If you’re in one of the few fan bases where your team has a chance, (like New England) you’re lucky.... For the other 90 percent of fans, your team has pretty much no shot any year.

What’s the answer? Stop free agency? Mandatory salary cap for sports without and tougher rules on sports already with a cap? Mandate a team of 95% draftees so the drafts and development matter more?

I don’t know, but I do know pro sports, especially the NBA, is becoming predictable and boring and that’s not good.

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