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In The Eyes of Roger Goodell, Nothing Is As Bad As Under Inflated Footballs

The king of double-standards, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, has struck again.

This week, it was announced that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Jameis Winston will be suspended three games after his role in groping an Uber driver.

Yes, we're talking about the same Winston who had some brushes with the law at Florida State, including a rape investigation and stealing crabs from a supermarket.

Once again, the NFL gets it wrong, and Goodell looks like a hypocrite.

Let's take a look here.

Tom Brady got suspended for four games for something he did not do, because organizations like the Baltimore Ravens and Indianapolis Colts threw hissy fits because the Patriots beat them in the playoffs, as per usual.

If an NFL player kneels for the National Anthem, Donald Trump, Jerry Jones and Goodell feel they have no business playing.

But violence or sexual assaults against women? Slaps on the wrist.

That is a problem. One that Goodell is blind to. And Jones, given some of the high-character guys who have suited up for his Dallas Cowboys over the years, is to blame too.

Want to wake some of these guys up? Any off the field violations relating to abuse or assaults of a woman: Minimum eight-game suspension. No appeal. Nothing.

If Winston wants to have any sort of success in this league, he needs to grow up. He got slaps on the wrist at FSU as he has with this NFL suspension, and it makes Goodell look like a hypocrite.

Goodell also needs to realize assaults and violence on women is a major issue in this country, and professional athletes need to be held to a high accountability when it comes to it. If any average Joe does what Winston allegedly did, they'd be sitting in a jail cell.

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