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Exercise Inspired Random Thoughts From Golf to Ear Hair

Interesting what comes to mind if you let your brain coast for a spell. You see, my wife Judy (the Fabulous Judester) has an Apple Watch with all sorts of fancy gizmos. One feature proving to be popular with Apple Watch folks is the app that tracks your exercise each day, particularly how many steps you take.

Always up to a challenge, the Fabulous Judester powers-through at least 18,000 steps each day (usually more) in order to meet her daily Apple Watch requirement. Often she’s striding along the streets of Orono by 5:30am as she works to conquer her daily goal, and sometimes she takes me along with her, which is where the brain coasting thing comes-in.

When I can’t think of an adequate excuse and find myself stumbling aside the Mrs. for a couple of hours, after some typical conversation (grandkids, the weather, next trip, why my back hurts, why I don’t throw-out undergarments hanging-on by a thread) we usually go silent, which activates my brain-coast mode. During this phase of our journey, random thoughts come to mind. It’s not as if any of these random thoughts are going to be part of world-problem-fixing-solutions, but hey, maybe if I can figure some of this stuff out, I’ll sleep better at night….or at least be able to walk faster.

Here are some examples.

*Why do I still slice my tee-shot? After thirty years of golf, shouldn’t I be able to hit the ball straight? Maybe I should talk to Solari about this. (Cue laugh-track.)

*Why can’t the Sox ever seem to grab a huge lead in the A. L. East so I can have at least one relaxing summer?

*Man, I wish I could take batting practice at Fenway.

*How does Judy do this every freakin’ day?

*How much longer will T.B. be slinging the pigskin?

*Exactly why did the Pats trade Garoppolo? Must be a reason, right?

*Why does hair flourish in my ears but not on the top of my head?

*Man, I sure hope Gordon Hayward is a good healer.

*I wonder if I can still dunk? (Cue laugh-track)

*I can’t believe Fisk was with the White Sox longer than the Red Sox. A stinkin’ tragedy.

*How does she walk this fast for this long? I’m dyin’ here!

*I hope I don’t strike-out again during whiffle ball with the grandkids.

*I miss watching Dwight Evans throw.

*I need to save some strength so I can mow the lawn-I hope we’re turning around soon!

So there you go, just some random brain-coast thoughts that pop into the ‘ol noggin’ as I’m huffing and puffing beside my steam locomotive of a wife. If any of you can help resolve any of these thoughts/questions, give me a shout. But wait until at least 8am; chances are I’ll be panting somewhere along the streets of Orono before then.

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