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4TH And Goal With The Bam

Another successful vacation to Maine is in the books! It was great to see some old friends and eat some Red Snapper Dogs (of which I smuggled home 5 packs). I had the privilege of watching Brewer High School win an incredible State Championship game over Wells (sorry Wells, this isn't football).

For all of Maine's charm and hospitality, y'all still don't know anything about what late spring / early summer weather is all about. Upon my arrival to the Queen City, I was greeted by 40 degrees worth of what month is this actually? Borderline hypothermia within 10 minutes of arrival. However the aforementioned state championship baseball game was played in 87 degree warmth. See, it's not so hard Maine. This shows me that you know how to do weather, you just don't want to. Be better.

I have not watched any live action of the World Cup, but I have monitored some highlights and looked over the standings. Doing so has made me even more sickened that the United States couldn't make this tournament.

At first it was just embarrassing, not it's just plain old shameful. There are some absolutely sweaty teams in this thing. A couple of teams went 0-2 and didn't score a single goal. Zero goals in 2 games, yet they somehow were better than the U.S.A and got an invite to this event.

I have personally, I believe, come a long way in my view of soccer. I used to have it up there with paint drying, now I am accepting of it's global prowess and in the limited amount of action I have watched ( if it's on in a bar and I have no choice) or my friend Joe ( major soccer head) is at my desk with countless videos of goals and saves) I have seen some incredibly athletic goals scored. So, I am no longer a hater, but somewhere short of full blown fandom.

The USA not being in the biggest soccer tournament in the world, does not help create new interest. In fact it probably does just the opposite. Everyone involved in Team USA should be ashamed, should be fired , and this program should start from scratch. Players included. Someone please step in and make USA soccer good again, or at least relevant? Come on soccer-you have me right on the cusp of being a true fan.

By my count, the University of Maine football team can begin fall practice in 37 days. 37 folks!! That's like 18 more blogs. 18 more paydays. I am very optimistic about this group. I am a true believer in our quarterback and I am all in on our coaching staff. This could be a special year. 37 days till practice and 67 days until the UNH Wildcats shows their face on our property. I hope people will be excited and pack Alfond Stadium for this one!

Stormaggedon has arrived at my house here in the Sooner state. Taking shelter could be imminent, so until next time , stay warm Maine! even if that means having the heat on in July.

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