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Tom Brady Will Play More Than One More Year. No Worries.

The great Willie McGinest came out this week and declared that if the Patriots win the Super Bowl this year, Tom Brady will retire.

I beg to differ.

Look, McGinest has more football insight than me. And he is an actual friend with TB12. Meanwhile I am here in eastern Maine, far away from Patriot Place. And Tom rarely returns my messages. Maybe he knows I don't like avocado ice cream or kale?

So while I would be scared to say it to his face, Willie is wrong.

When it comes to his employer, Brady has been one unhappy freaking camper this offseason. Like someone peed on his s'more. But it will pass.

Later next month he'll be back on the field full time. I think there could be a new contract coming for him from Mr. Kraft. And he'll have a new head coach next year. Yes, I wrote that. Go ahead and save it.

Plus, it's relatively easy to keep playing for a team that wins 12-14 games every year, plays in prime time a ton, travels on the leagues only team-owned jets, and has played in seven straight AFC Title games. At least compared to a team trying to rebuild which struggles to a 7-9 record. A year like that might push him home to Gisele early.

So, barring injury, and assuming the Pats continue to win at the same rate they have for almost two decades, Brady will play at least a couple more years. He might even make it four more to the ripe old age of 45 as he keeps suggesting.

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