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Two Triple Crown Winners in Just Four Years Is Good for Racing

Fourth And Goal With The Bam

The unthinkable has happened again. For the second time in four years, a horse has won the Triple Crown.!

Justify has been nothing short of dominant in the three races and now takes his spot in immortality. After sloshing through mud to wipe out the field in the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness Stakes, Justify had to be loving the super dry dirt at Belmont Park on Saturday as he simply breezed to victory with very little challenge.

Of course it had to be a horse named Gronkowski to make things a tad interesting for a few furlongs, but in the end Justify wasn't about to get Gronked.

I have fielded some questions amongst some of my friends wondering if yet another Triple Crown this soon is good for the sport. No brainer. Of course it is.

If three different horses win these three races, less than 1% of the general public can even name one of them. If a horse wins the first two and has a chance to win the Triple Crown, that percentage goes way up.

However if a horse fails at Belmont, we are back to probably 1% who even remember who wins Belmont, or who won the first two races.

Big time horse racing is the largest spectator sport in the country. People who can't even spell "horse" were beating down the doors to get into Belmont yesterday to witness greatness. If the Triple Crown wasn't on the line, the passive fan probably isn't going to bother trying to beat the crowds. Now those passive fans are marking their calendars for the Kentucky Derby , just a short eleven months away!

So now Justify, like American Pharaoh before him, will now enjoy a life somewhere in Kentucky. The kind of life that, for a human, is illegal in 49 states. Justify's little black book will be more like an encyclopedia. His owner will run out of cigars probably. It's good to be king.

Horse racing is better off for having horses like Justify and American Pharaoh. I hope that the casual fans understand just how special the last four years have been. If by some chance in the next 20 years of my life I end up rich, instead of just brutally handsome, I will absolutely invest in a race horse.

I guess I should start thinking of names for MY future Triple Crown winner. 4th and goal? Chowdah? Yankees Suck? Still No Hardware? ( I don't know if I want to give New Hampshire that much stroke though).

Go Blue? That has a nice ring to it.

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