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In the ever changing media landscape, Sports Talk Radio remains as popular as ever, especially in New England. In Boston the top two radio stations in the market feature sports formats.

Here in Maine there are a couple of very popular sports talk stations as well. The Ticket on 92.9 FM in Bangor and The Big Jab on 96.3 FM in Portland are two of the biggest.

Just like choosing items from a restaurant menu, everyone's tastes are different when it comes to choosing a sports talk radio show.

The most popular national shows often feature polarizing hosts that are loved by as many people as there are that dislike them.

Colin Cowherd, Dan Lebatard, Jim Rome and Dan Partrick. You won't find many folks who like all four.

In Boston the battle rages between the WEEI loyalists and the Sports Hub faithful.

Those shows are host and caller driven and don't rely heavily on guests unless they are big names like Tom Brady or Brad Stevens.

Some local shows focus on guest lists but ratings support the idea that listeners prefer engaging hosts, opinions and fun debates.

What do you prefer? Which Maine sports talk radio show is your favorite? Vote below and we'll share the results Thursday in The Chowdah.

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