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Beer, Black Coffee, and Cheering for Lebron. All are Acquired Tastes

A persons tastes are hard to define. Some like chocolate, others vanilla. And of course there's the occasional guy or gal that finishes off the strawberry in the Neapolitan ice cream box. We call them weirdos.

Of course there are other tastes that one acquires. The first time I tried beer or black coffee I though both were awful. Now a life without either I would say is not worth living.

So, I find it interesting that in such a short span of time my tastes can change so greatly. As I watch the NBA Playoffs I find myself rooting for Lebron James.

Perhaps it’s his underdog status in the Finals against the Warriors. Everyone loves the underdog. For a long period of time, in particular after The Decision, I was staunchly anti-Lebron. I have to say that in the last four years after he “Came Home” I’m on board.

Sure, his team is down 2-0. But what he is doing is so impressive. He scored 51 points in game one of the Finals. Without him that Cavs team of goofballs couldn’t operate a potato gun properly, let alone contend in the playoffs.

Sure, this is the team the GM Lebron built around himself and you reap what you sew. But as I watch I just want him to shoot every time he has it. Honestly, he should probably do that and their chances at victory will increase.

He has taken his team, Heat and Cavs, to the Finals in 8 straight years. Who knows what the future holds for the East, because he is the king until someone takes the throne. The streak could very well keep going.

So, whether the Finals goes four games or seven, sit back, and enjoy the show because we are watching history.

P.S. – J.R. Smith not knowing the score at the end of Game 1 immediately joins the pantheon of ALL-TIME bonehead plays. Chris Webber’s Time Out. Leon Lett on Thanksgiving in the snow. Move over fellas… there’s a new kid in town.

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