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Red Sox Management Is Apparently Clueless

As I continue to keep an eye on the Red Sox from afar, it is dumbfounding to me that the Sox are so beholden to Dustin Pedroia. They have now jettisoned Hanley Ramirez to get Pedroia back on the roster. Why? To save some cash? Since when do the Red Sox care about saving money?

Hanley Ramirez is more reliable and a better player than Pedroia and has been for his entire career. I am sure most of the people reading this think Dave Dombrowski walks on water, but I don't. He's not the first, and probably not the last Sox GM, to make an egregious personnel decision.

Boston has a long and storied history of cutting guys loose or not re-signing them when they should. Boggs, Clemens, Kevin Kennedy, Fisk, just to name a few of the head scratchers. Maybe Hanley will end up with the Yankees and they will win yet another World Title with a Red Sox castoff.

Moving on...

A couple other Sox players, that are actually sticking around, made news this week, and not in a good way. JD Martinez and Mookie Betts have declared themselves OUT of the Home Run Derby. Horrible! Like the derby or not, it has a lot of eyeballs on it.

Major League Baseball has turned it into a spectacle that a lot of people watch. MLB has a huge problem with marketing their stars, meaning they don't do it. Most of the marquee players in the game could walk up to you and deliver a Stone Cold Stunner and you would wonder who the hell was that guy? The Home Run Derby is a chance , a small one, but a chance to showcase some of the best of the best. No helmets, no face guards, just the stars. It is completely selfish and irresponsible for these two stars to skip out on this opportunity to help promote their sport and themselves.

Martinez saying no is probably the worst , because he's admittedly doing it because his feelings are hurt from three years ago when he didn't get to participate. What a baby! Get over it and be a man. Holding a grudge like some 10 year old is terrible. Baseball fans deserve better! But, alas, it's the Sox so all will be forgiven. They are having a great year. They might win the World Series this year. Then, if history holds form, they will be under .500 next year and Cora will be fired. That is , after all, the Red Sox way.


Maybe this is just a New England thing, because everyone's golden boy , Tom Brady is a no show for team workouts this week. No big deal, just the passing camp portion of off season workouts. I guess ole Tommy Boy is too good for these now? As a veteran of the team on the extreme down slope of his career, he doesn't seem to care about helping keep the franchise viable once he finally steps away.

A veteran player is expected to provide leadership. Be someone who younger players can look up to and model themselves after. Skipping off season workouts does none of that. How are young players supposed to learn the passing systems without the actual passer? Team first used to mean something and in some places it still does, but apparently not in Foxboro.

Brady has said in the past how important these workouts are, but now he's a no show. If he's gonna talk the talk, he needs to walk the walk. Could be he's just having a JD Martinez type temper tantrum because the Patriots banished his trainer or some other childish reason. Coming off yet another Super Bowl loss , you would think it would be all hands on deck to avenge that. When the face of your franchise can't be bothered to show up and get better, how can you expect the rest of the squad to be all in? I am sure, in true Belichick fashion, he'll have no comment, but he should be furious and he should say so! The "golden boy" should not get a pass on this. No pun intended.

If anyone, by chance, vehemently disagrees with me or wants to tell me how right on the money I am, bring it on. I can be reached at:

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