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Lebron Tired? UMaine Baseball. And Who Should Win The Stanley Cup

I spent a long time this week trying to decide what to write about. I was hoping the Maine baseball team would win the America East title, and I could share one of my NCAA Regional experiences. They truly were some of the highlights of my time at UMaine. I accompanied the team to four NCAA Regionals, and remember each of them vividly.

Maine, unfortunately, dug itself a hole by losing the first game of the tournament again this year. The Black Bears were able to battle back and win a pair of games, but in the end, fell to Stony Brook. As stated before, I have a lot of respect for head coach Nick Derba, and can’t wait for him to lead them to a title.

So, I’ll write about hockey. Two weeks ago, I wrote that there were three reasons people should still be interested in the Stanley Cup playoffs, despite the Bruins being out. As the finals begin, all three of those reasons still hold true. Alex Ovechkin is phenomenal. There is always much debate if a people can truly call their career a success if they haven’t won a title. Will Alex Ovechkin be able to lead the Capitals to their first title?

If Ovechkin does not win the Cup, it means that the Vegas Golden Knights, an expansion team playing in their first season, will. That is just truly an unreal story.

This team is made up of players who had never played together prior to this year. It’s a group of players whose previous teams looked at them as expendable. Don’t think for one second that didn’t cross their minds many times this year. I’m looking forward to a competitive series with both teams leaving everything that they have on the ice for the chance to host the Stanley Cup. I’d argue any day that the Stanley Cup playoffs are the greatest playoffs in professional sports.

I’ve tried to get into the NBA playoffs. I’ve followed the Celtics a bit more this year as my co-worker is a huge Celtic fan, but something always happens, and I get disgusted with basketball. This year, it’s all the talk of LeBron being exhausted. Ok, never say never, but I really doubt that you will hear any of the players on the Capitals or the Golden Knights talking about how exhausted they are. They are just ecstatic to still be playing.

On another NHL note, congratulations for former Boston University coach David Quinn, who last week was named head coach of the New York Rangers. I think that it’s a tremendous opportunity for him, but a huge loss for Hockey East.

Even though I don’t work in sports anymore, it doesn’t mean I don’t have a huge interest. I miss it, some days more than others. There were other things in my life I wanted to do, things I couldn’t do while keeping the schedule that athletics required. In the last two weeks, I have adopted four little lambs. They are so incredibly cute, and I’m having such a blast!

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