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Where Did The Spring Sports Season Go?

How crazy is it that we have one full week left in the high school spring sports season? If you’ve been involved in this or any spring season over the last 40 years, the answer to the question is, “not crazy at all”.

Just think, pitchers and catchers started back on March 19th. Yes, two months ago that have left us in the blink of an eye. Baseball, softball, tennis, track and field, and the newest edition, lacrosse, will all be finishing up in the next few weeks, and next comes summer vacation.

I’ve always thought spring coaches deserve their weight in gold. Why, you ask? Well, just think of all the obstacles they have to overcome.

First of all, the weather. The weather this spring has been down right horrible, up until the last two weeks. It’s tough to play baseball through raindrops, when you can keep the baseballs dry. Spring sports probably rely on the weather more than any other season in order to play.

That’s the biggest reason, but here are several others in no particular order; proms, senior and other class nights, graduation, marching practice, AP exams, final exams, and sunshine. Sunshine because many would rather go get an ice cream in the spring sun than run another lap on the track, me included.

So as another sports season comes to an end, hats off to all the players for maintaining focus, but real kudos to the leaders of these teams, the coaches. You have been the ones to keep the train on the rails. Just a few weeks to go and you can pull into the depot for a few months of repairs and rest.

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