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This Red Sox Team Is On Pace To Be One Of The Best Evah!  (I've Got The Stats To Prove It)

If you are one of these people who get all fired up for things that don't come around that often like comets and royal weddings, then make sure you are on the Sox bandwagon big time!

You probably recall Boston got off to the best start in franchise history at 17-2. But that's just the beginning. The Red Sox currently have the second best record through the first 47 games in team history!

1946 - (37-8, .804) - WS loser

2018 - (32-15, .681) - TBD

2007 - (32-15, .681) - WS winner

2002 - (32-15, .681) - No playoffs

1986 - (32-15, .681) - World Series loser

1978 - (32-15, .681) - Tie-breaker loser.

Last year the Sox had less power than a battery powered outboard motor. This year The Red Sox have hit 67 homeruns. That's the most through 47 games in franchise history (previous: 66 in 1977).

Mookie Betts may be on his way to the best season in Sox history and an MVP. He leads the league in:

Runs, Hits, Doubles, Homers, Extra-base hits, Batting average, On-base percentage, Slugging Percentage, OPS, OPS+, Total bases, and several more "advanced stats." Too many more to mention here.

And did you know Mookie Betts and J.D. Martinez share the MLB lead with 15 homeruns each?

This is the first time the Red Sox have ever had 2 players hit 15 homers within the first 50 games of a season.

The Sox are worth watching. And unlike the royal wedding you don't have to get up at 4am.

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