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Krazy Jake Comes Out of Hibernation to Chat About The Celtics, BigFoot & Brock Holt's Hair

Good to be back. I've recently returned from hiking the Appalachian trail for a sole searching expedition. I've lost all of my toe nails and I'm so hairy that I look like an albino Sasquatch- but I have peace of mind. No, not really. I don't have the stamina to hike up stairs to pee when the down stairs bathroom is occupied, much less hike 1800 miles...and THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS BIGFOOT you crazy squatchie weirdos.

I am beyond excited about game 1 of the Celtics vs Cavs series. I've had more fun watching the C's this post season than I've had watching any other team in decades. Young, exciting, talented and they play with heart. Brad Stevens is a stud of a coach. The guy knows his stuff. As Forest Gump would say, the C's are kicking "buttox".

I am sick to death of the entire sports media world doubting the ability of this Celtics team. However, I LOVE that the C's keep proving everyone wrong! I've never believed that they would lose a series in these playoffs and I don't believe that they will lose this one vs Lebron and Co.

All that we'll hear is the announcers and analysts talking about through this entire series is King James and all of his career stats. Is he better than Jordan, blah, blah, blah. I'd rather watch lobster bait rot.

But it will be Coach Stevens and the Celtics who take home the Eastern Conference crown. I believe in the power of "C"!

Keep Terry Rozier! This guys is one of the most exciting players to watch in the NBA. He has Kiwi's the size of bubble rock (a well know land mark in Acadia National Park that stands 12 feet tall and weighs 20 tons..for those who were wondering).

Honestly, I would prefer Scarey Terry as our starting point guard over Kyrie Irving in this playoff run. He's been that good. Call me crazy, I'm used to it.

How do we keep him around for long after the way he's been playing this past 6 weeks as a starter?! Find a way Danny Ainge, we wouldn't be in the Eastern Conference finals without him. However, I see a T-Roz and Jalen Brown for Anthony Davis trade on the horizon. Yes folks, its a sixth sense thing and I talk with Danny Ainge on a weekly basis (in my head).

Celtics in 6 games!

P.S. Thank you Brock Holt from the Red Sox for cutting that really creepy "my little sister cut my hair for me while I was sleeping" wig like look that you were sporting for the few weeks of the season. That was a disturbing sight. Brock, you rock brothah!

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