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Tom and Gronk. Not Just a Great Name For a Sitcom....

It’s been a tough stretch for Patriots fans who have followed the off-season. It seems like every day we get a new story about the turmoil coming from Foxboro. As Pats fans for years we took the ‘In Bill We Trust’ approach to life. The players seemed to follow suit. For the most part that has remained the same… save for two glaring exceptions.

Tom and Gronk.

In the Not For Long (NFL) the New England Quarterback and his Tight End breathe rarified air. As a result of their talent and sustained success their celebrity has transcended the game. As the runs at rings kept coming they continued to drink the Kool-Aid…. Until recently.

The Tom and Gronk that came into the league are gone. Those were kids happy to have the chance. These are multi-millionaires who don’t need that Patriots paycheck to get by.

They also have other people in their ears saying hey, skip that work out. How about a massage? Come wrestle. Let’s make a documentary. Don’t eat strawberries. Let me rub you down. Pitch my energy drink. Pitch my watch. You look tense, let me get at those hammies. Whatever the case may be… things have changed and after years of them taking their marching orders and dancing to Bill’s tune, they now live in a different world.

It’s a world where two people who are arguably the best to ever play their respective positions both play for the same team. A team that is the odds on favorite to get back to the Super Bowl.

Will there be some added distractions along the way? Seems that way. But it’s hard to argue that these guys haven’t earned the right to voice their thoughts. Even if sometimes Gronk’s lack of forethought is apparent or Tom’s habits are just odd.

Let’s see what happens when the season rolls around.

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