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Is Sixers Coach Brett Brown on The Hot Seat?

"The 76ers should hire someone to be in charge of the players, maybe call an occasional play or make an adjustment. There should be a name for that job."- Kirk Minihan/WEEI Radio

A week ago nobody in America was writing the headline I just wrote, or saying what Kirk Minihan tweeted yesterday. That's becuase 76ers Head Coach and Maine native Brett Brown had just wrapped up a fifty win season for the young and over achieving Philly team. Oh, and there was that streak of 20 wins in 21 games.

Just about everyone on the planet thought Philly would roll past the banged up Celtics. But a week later Boston leads 3-0 and Brett Brown has suffered national public humiliation as he has been outwitted early and often by Brad Stevens.

Stephen A. Smith went on ESPN and said that in all of his years covering the NBA, he has never seen a head coach make so many errors and be almost solely responsible for causing his team to lose three games in a row.

He did not call for Brown to be fired, but he said he would not be surprised if Brown does get canned after this series.

Brown has endured some god awful seasons while overseeing the Philly "process." But his substitutions, or lack there of, have been baffling.

The Sixers defense at times has been non existent and every high school coach in Maine would have called at least one more time out to stop that scorching Boston run in game 2. Brown did not. And his team could be swept by a team missing not one but two all stars. That does not look good on the resume.

Game four is Monday night. We'll see if Philly at least shows some pride. If they don't, they might get Brown shown the door.

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