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This Was The Best Sports Weekend Of The Year

I hate to assume anything in life, because you know what they say about assuming something, right? Well if you don’t, look it up. I don’t have the time or energy to explain this to you.

Anyway, I will assume that if you are reading this or any other blog on this site, you are probably a sports fan. That’s good. Following and watching sports is a great escape from the real world. There are too many problems with the world these days, you know, bad people, bad weather, and awful things happening. Sports can be the great escape. Not the 1963 Steve McQueen film, but an escape from reality. In this world, you can root for or yell at whomever you want.

So with that said, this may be the best time of the year to be a sports fan, especially if you are a fan of the “Big 4” in Boston. Think about it: Unless the Red Sox make the World Series in late October, there is no time of the year where all four New England teams play at the same time. So, this past weekend might be the next best thing.

The Celtics and Bruins are both on nice playoff runs. The C’s run may be a little more unexpected because of the rash of injuries, but regardless, both teams are in the second round of their respective playoffs. While the Red Sox have cooled off a bit, they are still having a remarkable April, leading the American League East. Let’s face it, none of you thought they would be this good. There is still plenty of season left, but leading the division in April is a sign of good things to come.

Finally, let’s talk about the Patriots (even though I would have my leg hair waxed than talk about the Pats, but I will begrudgingly). While they are not playing, the NFL Draft might as well be the next best thing. I’m not a draft expert, and I can’t tell you if the Pats got a great value pick or not, but the fact is, all four New England teams are being talked about like all of them are playing. That’s a good thing.

So this weekend might have been the best sports weekend of the year to be a Boston fan. On the flip side, thank god this isn’t MLB’s All-Star break, because folks, that is awful, unless you love the ESPY’s. Insert eyeroll.

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