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Making a Mockery of the Mock Drafts and the Mock-worthy Actual NFL Draft

4th And Goal With THE BAM

Another NFL draft has come and gone. Or, should I say, another made for TV circus has come and gone. Beyond the first round, which is actually taken fairly seriously, this has become just a bunch of nonsense.

A steady parade of former players, some that nobody has actually ever heard of, trudge out to the podium to announce the picks.

Total joke.

In fact, it got so bad that a former QB, went up to announce a Titans pick, and totally screwed up the name "Harold Landry". Bro, seriously, it's Harold! And it's written right on the damn card! How hard could that possibly be? Maybe that's why you aren't in the league anymore. Even Steve Harvey thinks it was terrible.

Then there was the former kicker for the Eagles in what should have been 30 seconds, tops, comes out and unleashes a two minute diatribes bashing the Cowboys ( The congenial hosts of this years circus).

After the first round, the NFL should just do the draft like Major League baseball does it- hold it in some conference room where nobody even knows it's happening. Please spare us the silliness.

The only thing worse than the last 6 rounds of the draft, are the millions of " Mock" drafts leading up to the draft. I looked at 13 mock drafts and not one, ZERO, had the Top 3 successfully predicted in order.

Only 2 out of 13 had the #1 pick correct and only 5 had the #2 selection nailed.

It's basically a bunch of circus clowns throwing elephant dung against a wall and seeing what sticks. So called "experts" coming away looking like they actually don't have any clue about what they are saying. Abolish mock drafts now. Sorry sports talk radio guys, you will have to find something else to talk about for the next 12 months.

Another laughable moment from the draft was when the New York Giants took a running back with the #2 pick in the draft. A team with a glaring, like a blazing August sun, need for a new QB sooner rather than later, totally ignored 4 exceptional candidates in lieu of a player who will be out of the league in 5 years max. While a good player, he'll make the Giants just good enough to not be a position to get their next franchise QB any time soon. Welcome to a steady diet of 9-7 Giants fans.

One shining spot from this whole debacle, was pick number 192 in the 6th round. Jamil Demby, a guard from OUR University of Maine Black Bears! Jamil was one of only 3 players in the entire CAA to be drafted! Only Richmond ( QB) and Delaware ( DT) had players drafted!

Jason Matovo signed an undrafted Free Agent deal with the Seahawks as well. So, potential for 2 more Black Bears to be playing in the NFL this year. This is a big deal. A huge recruiting tool for Maine and a great promotional tool to get more of you to attend games! Yeah, it's usually cold in Orono and that sucks but toughen up and go support our future NFL players.

These 2 guys won't be the last to make it for sure! Just like you shoulda bought it when you saw it at "Mahdens", don't feel like crap 5 years from now and say, man I wish I had gone to see that kid play at Maine before he got drafted.

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