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Joe Kelly: You're A Rock Star.

Joe Kelly is a freakin' rock star right now. If New England had a Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, they would enshrine his goggles immediately.

You've seen the video of the brawl with the Yankees I'm sure. Thanks to Kelly plunking the punkish Tyler Austin, the Sox- Yankees rivalry is alive and well again for the first time in at least a decade.

Kelly, showing moves like Jagger, drilled Austin. Then he beckoned from the mound for the Yankee hitter to come and get some.

Kelly emerged from the scrum with a little blood on his face and a ripped jersey. It was as if throngs of adoring fans had just greeted him coming off stage.

Heck now Joe has a fan club. And probably groupies; women, and men.

When he comes out of the pen to pitch he gets a standing ovation like the Wild Thing at the End of Major League.

Saturday night at the TD Garden they played video of the brawl on the big screens and then cut to a shot of Joe "Elvis" Kelly in the seats. The crowd exploded as he stood up, waved, and worked the crowd like he just finished up a two hour concert complete with an encore.

Sure, he was suspended six games. He's appealing. But every good rock star does some jail time, just ask Axl Rose.

New England is loving our new lead singer, Joe Kelly. Lets hope he's not a one hit wonder.

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